amp211.zip57 kbJul 04 1994Advanced Module Player 2.11
A DMP ripoff by Unsigned. Not supported any more.
xlibtp12.zip103 kbSep 13 1994XMode Library for Turbo Pascal
A set of useful routines for programming in tweaked VGA modes by Lökö.
qlc100.zip12 kbOct 21 1994QModem Log Cleaner 1.00
Removes useless stuff from the QModem log file. By Unsigned. Not supported any more.
nsbtut10.zip8 kbNov 12 1994SoundBlaster Programming Tutorial 1.0
A useful tutorial on programming the FM chip by Unsigned.
suomi.zip5 kbDec 06 1994Suomi-Intro
An intro to celebrate the Finnish Independence Day by Lökö and Unsigned. Our first intro.
suomisrc.zip9 kbDec 06 1994Suomi-Intro Source Pack
The assembler source of Suomi-Intro.
sbobz.zip12 kbDec 25 1994Shade Bobe
A Lökö's programming experiment. Assembler source included.
snowy.zip15 kbJan 04 1995Snowy Rain
Another Lökö's programming experiment. And the assembler source is again included.
persesoi.zip77 kbFeb 26 1995Perse soi!, MOD by Kalu
First ever module released under our group. Caused some discussion on our production naming policy.
laatikko.zip62 kbMar 11 1995Laatikko, MOD by Kalu
freedom!.zip61 kbMar 21 1995Freedom, MOD by Kalu
ehogrind.zip18 kbMar 22 1995Eho-Grind, XM by Breadfan
Breadfan's first module under our group. He was a graphician back then. Starting from this module our musicians began to convert to the XM format, which had just started to become popular.
chippi3.zip8 kbMar 23 1995Chiptune 3, XM by Lökö
Lökö's first module under our group. He's a coder.
freedom2.zip76 kbMar 23 1995Freedom 2 (Lököjam), XM by Breadfan
Note that this is not a sequel to Freedom, it's from different author.
psyche.zip92 kbMar 23 1995Psychedelia, XM by Breadfan
jamitus.zip41 kbMar 26 1995Jamitus, XM by Lökö
lazybart.zip73 kbMar 26 1995Lazybart, XM by Breadfan
chippi4.zip3 kbMar 29 1995Chiptune 4, XM by Lökö
palikka.zip18 kbMar 29 1995Palikka, MOD by Lökö
kickthis.zip59 kbApr 03 1995Kick This, XM by Lökö
eternal.zip75 kbApr 11 1995Eternal Life, XM by Kalu
flight.zip86 kbApr 11 1995Flight, XM by Breadfan
gate.zip199 kbApr 20 1995Gate
Our Juhla '95 demo that didn't get shown at the party. Code by Lökö and Unsigned, music by Kalu, graphics by Breadfan.
yohochat.zip8 kbMay 24 1995Yohochat
Supposedly a simulation of Juho's Place. Made by Lökö.
noname00.zip553 kbJun 10 1995Noname00
Our Abduction '95 demo, came seventh. Code by Juffo-Wup, Lökö, and Unsigned, music by Kalu and Pekkis, graphics by Breadfan.
abd95rep.zip1034 kbJun 17 1995Abduction '95 Party Report
A party report, contains some scanned photos Unsigned took at Abduction. Code by Unsigned, music by Pekkis.
sunset.zip119 kbJul 05 1995Sunset, XM by Kalu
tdustymo.zip64 kbJul 22 1995The Dusty Morning, XM by Kalu
kal-jour.zip112 kbOct 15 1995Journey, XM by Kalu
a__music.zip46 kbNov 07 1995Nice, XM by Pekkis
First ever module released by Pekkis.
br-wmoon.zip309 kbNov 09 1995Wintermoon, XM by Breadfan
kal-anti.zip218 kbFeb 17 1996Antiperspirant, XM by Kalu
l-groove.zip107 kbFeb 20 1996The Groove, XM by Lökö
clear.zip298 kbApr 29 1996Clear Your Mind
Our Demolition '96 demo. Made in hurry, but came seventh. Code by Juffo-Wup and Unsigned, music by Breadfan.
br_habha.zip217 kbJun 19 1996Have a Break, Have a, XM by Breadfan
atlantis.zip726 kbAug 16 1996Atlantis
Our Assembly '96 demo. Disqualifided from the competition. Code by Juffo-Wup, Lökö, and Unsigned, music by Kalu.
stseehaa.zip105 kbSep 24 1996We-Want-PsychoDad, XM by Breadfan
arioch.zip193 kbSep 23 1996Arioch
Lökö's Abduction '96 intro
goo.zip782 kbNov 24 1996Goo
Our Demolition II demo. Came seventh. Code by Juffo-Wup and Unsigned, music by Breadfan.
br_xmasx.zip231 kbDec 21 1996Xmasx, XM by Breadfan
br_1197.zip114 kbJan 01 19971197, XM by Breadfan
pussy4u.zip69 kbFeb 03 1997Yoho666
Lökö's Democracy '97 intro. Ignore the comments about my driving skill... :-)
br_appe.zip75 kbFeb 04 1997Appendicitis, XM by Breadfan
br_slith.zip297 kbSep 20 1997Stereolith, XM by Breadfan
kal-joy.zip213 kbOct 18 1997Joy, XM by Kalu
kal-hjam.zip157 kbNov 24 1997Holiday Jam, XM by Kalu
br_canni.zip644 kbDec 01 1997Cannibalism, XM by Breadfan
matr_fin.zip18 kbAug 08 1999Matrix
Lökö's Assembly '99 4 kb intro. Won the compo!

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