Mooze is mainly a demo group. If the concept of a demo group is entirely unfamiliar to you, you're probably reading a wrong page. Anyway, our primary purpose is to have fun and the secondary is to make demos and other scene productions. We're all Finnish, most of us used to live in Kuopio, but now we're kinda separated, because of studying and stuff. The current memberstatus is in the table below.

HandleJobReal nameBornE-mail
BooseGraphicianTomi Aalto1978
BreadfanMusicianMarkus Runonen1978
Juffo-WupCoderJuho Tikkala1978
KaluMusicianPete Hakkarainen1978
LököCoderAntti Virtanen1978
UnsignedCoder, "organizer"Tapio Äijälä1979

What does the word "Mooze" mean?

It doesn't.

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